Tuesday, February 3, 2015

UP presence revisted

October 22, 2014
en route to the eastern UP

We have the rest of the day to make the 200+ mile drive to where we'll stay in the Soo. Deb's training session at the Chippewa Correctional Facility starts in the morning.

The drop-dead gorgeous fall day begs for sight-seeing. You haven't seen "blue" until you've witnessed the sky above the pristine forests lining Lake Superior.

A shot looking straight up into the deep blue sky under a canopy of brilliant yellow leaves.

I lead the way to Munising Falls. We pose our puppies, looping their leashes through the fence in front of the falls.

A woman wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket is standing on the left with a smart phone in her hands. She is facing a german shepherd that is sitting in front of a wooden fence, beyond which is a tall waterfall over stratiated rocks. On the right is a small golden/lab mix puppy sitting and looking at the camera. Both puppies are wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandanas. The leaves on the trees on either side of the watefall are bright yellow. There are leaves on the wooden platform where the puppies are sitting.
Deb takes a photo of FLD Jedi while FLD Henry sits...

A close up shot of the golden/lab puppy sitting in front of the wooden fence. The puppy is looking at the camera, with his tongue just barely stickling out. He is wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana.

I don't think FLD Henry is happy about me taking so many photos. Here is an interesting series of shots - can you read his body language?
Another close shot of the same puppy, with more of the forest background visible behind him. Now his tongue is further out and his head and ears are drooping.
He's getting droopy...
The same close shot of the same puppy, but now the puppy is facing left and having a huge yawn with his eyes closed.
FLD Henry. Not amused.

I suppose he thinks the stairs are more fun.

A shot from above, looking down at the golden/lab puppy sitting on a wood staircase, littered wtih yellow and brown leaves.

Later we find more photo ops on the Lake Superior shore.

A german shepherd is standing on the left, tied by his leash to a gigantic piece of driftwood. Behind him is Lake Superior. He is looking at the camera, and wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana.
A majestic FLD Jedi next to a majestic piece of driftwood.

A black and white photo of the same piece of driftwood, with a small yellow puppy sticking his head out from behind it.

A landscape shot of the sun setting behind a tall bluff on the left, down to a beach and water on the right, gentle waves kissing the shore.
And the sun sets on Lake Superior.