Thursday, January 15, 2015

UP presence

October 21, 2014
en route to Baraga

Road trip!

FLD Henry and I take the day driving to Baraga to catch up with Deb Donnelly. She has been on a longer road trip herself. After visits at correctional facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, she'll meet with the inmate raisers at Baraga in the morning and at Chippewa the next day. All part of her fact-finding tour to help Leader Dogs for the Blind build consistency into the prison puppy-raising program.

I have been invited to continue documenting things. On the way north with FLD Henry, I pause to drink in the natural beauty of the UP, which for me is always a welcome backdrop to our monthly trips.


First stop, the Cut River Bridge. Turns out to be a great place for Henry to practice stairs.

Looking down at a young yellow lab/golden retriever mix puppy that is standing on the wooden landing of a flight of open metal grated stairs going down. The puppy is looking up at the camera and is licking his nose.
FLD Henry is a bit taken aback by the open-grated stairs. "I think I can lick this!"

A long view looking down a long staircase with wooden railings. In the background is Lake Michigan behind a few bare fall trees and some with yellow leaves.
Even I am a bit disconcerted over the long staircase. But the view is beautiful!

Another photo from above of the lab/golden puppy, now walking down the metal grated stairs. He is looking at the camera again, but with a more relaxed look on his face, and his tail is wagging.
After a few flights, FLD Henry is more relaxed.

A view looking up at the underside of the Cut River Bridge from far below. The bridge has green girders. Underneath are fall trees with bright yellow leaves, way below the bridge.
The Cut River Bridge from below.

A landscape view of Lake Michigan, with fall trees in the foreground. Blue sky above with a cloud bank near the horizon.
A fairly calm Lake Michigan stretches out before us.

The young lab/golden mix puppy is leaning to take a drink from a stream. There are tall grasses all around
FLD Henry takes a drink from the Cut River. Stairs like that can make a pup thirsty!


We take another break along M-28 to walk along the Lake Superior shore.

A scenic view of a beach with whitecap waves breaking. There are several trees in the distance on the right, and puffy white clouds dot the blue sky above.
Looking east.

A low shot of the lab/retriever puppy. He is standing on the beach facing the camera, but his head is turned to the right toward the waves of the lake. There are trees stretching off into the distance on the left.
FLD Henry, intrigued by the waves.

A landscape view of the Lake Superior shoreline. There are tall grasses in the foreground and trees in the background, waves break on the beach.
Looking west.


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    1. Thanks, Kim C. Can't hardly miss with those views!

  2. Hi patti great picture and stuff on here thanks for doing this you helped me get the chance that raise a few dogs and help teach me how to train the dogs and now that I'm out of Chippewa and doing good and moving on with my life for the better I can still keep up with the great progress of the dogs and program thanks for everything . Jeremy Rayner. tara. granite and coda

    1. Thanks, Jeremy! You did a great job with those special puppies. It was a pleasure working with you. I still need some catching up to do, but I'll get there. Stay strong!

  3. How's the dogs at Chippewa been doing good I hope tell everyone I said hi and good work and keep their heads up thanks foreverything pattie