Friday, January 9, 2015

Attachment happens

September 25, 2014

While Tammy was answering questions, FLD Ashley lost her lunch. Men leapt into action faster than a dedicated group of volunteer firemen. Morrison scooped up what he could with a poop bag; Harlin ran over with some paper towels to wipe up the wet stuff; Abe ran out and returned with a bottle of spray bleach and more towels.

In a jiff the mess was gone.

Robert said, "Ashley had a terrible day yesterday." A bee sting caused her face to swell up. After a call to the vet some Benadryl helped with the swelling, but the antihistamine wasn't setting right in her belly.

"I stayed up all night with her," he said, and added, "Until this happened, I didn't realize how attached I've become to her."

A black lab is lying on a tile floor with her chin on the floor between her front paws. She is facing to the left and she is between the legs of a man sitting down, only his legs dressed in green pants and black shoes are visible and his tatooed forearms and hands, which are massaging the puppy's ears.
FLD Ashley enjoys the "ear slide," a Tellington TTouch massage technique that can help calm a stressed puppy.

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