Friday, November 21, 2014

The Golden Boys return

July 18, 2014
Rochester Hills
Puppy counselor Tammy delivered FLDs Bravo, Drummond and Granite to Leader Dogs for the Blind. She sent an email with the following "report."

I have attached the pictures and story of my trip to Leader Dog with Bravo, Drummond, and Granite.  All three were wonderful travelers on our almost eight hour trek south (traffic and construction slowed us down).  The guys should be proud of them.  All three of them walked on nice loose leashes as I walked them from the van into Leader Dog.  The staff at Leader Dog will take wonderful care of them.  I am sure they are settling in nicely and have been spending some time playing together as well as with a few other dogs-maybe even some of their siblings.


A golden retriever wearing a blue bandana is leashed to a black stature of a sitting german shepherd. The golden is sniffing the rear end of the stature.
The golden retriever is now sitting next to the german shepherd stature. He is facing the camera with his tongue hanging out like he is smiling.
Since Bravo was in front, I decided to check him in first. We walked around a little and then I took him to meet the German Shepherd statue. I guess even dog statues need to have a proper greeting.

The golden is sitting on a blue canvas dog bed that is inside a large dog kennel. He is looking at the camera with the same happy expression.

Bravo wasn't too sure about getting in the kennel even with some toys, a water dish, and his supper in there.

One of the dog care staff crawled in and soon he was in her lap. She was able to crawl back out and Bravo ate his dinner and tried out his new bed.

Another golden retriever is sniffing the black german shepherd statue.
This golden retriever is sitting further from the black german shepherd stature. He is looking up and to the right, with a proud expresssion on his face. He is also wearing a blue Future Leader Dog bandana.

Granite came next. He also gave the Shepherd statue a proper greeting before he would sit beside him for his picture. Many of the staff remembered him and commented that he had grown up.

The golden is sitting on the same kind of dog bed in a different kennel, looking at the camera. The kennel has tan tile walls with metal bars for the door. There is a teal blue sign on the top right of the kennel that says "dog care only."

Granite walked right into his kennel, at dinner and settled on his new bed.

Yet another golden retriever is sniffing the black german shepherd stature, but this one is sniffing the face and not the rear. He is also wearing the blue bandana.
This golden is lying down next to the black stature, with his tongue hanging out and smiling at the camera.
Finally, it was Drummond's turn. He had waited so patiently. He was very cautious and curious as we walked around a little bit before it was his turn to meet the statue.

The golden is standing in a kennel looking at the camera with the same happy expression. There is a teal blue sign on the top right that reads "dog care only."

Drummond had no problem entering his kennel. He checked out his toys, bed, water and his dinner which he ate slowly.

Once the Golden Boys were settled, I gave each one a hug and wished them well. I took a picture of their names on the wall and noted that Drummond's brother, Bruin, was in the same bay so I'm sure they will be playing together in the next few days! Now on to their next part of their journey. Dogspeed!

A black sign with clear plastic sleeves to contain white tags with the names of dogs typed on them. The first three on the top left side read Granite, Drummond and Bravo. After a space on that side is the name Bruin. On the right side are three empty spots followed by a tag that reads PUPS 6-12 mo, followed by the names Teddy and Coda.

Thank you, Tammy, for the great report and taking such good care of the Golden Boys!

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