Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bodily fluids, part 2

June 27, 2014
Baraga to Houghton

Tammy and I planned to take FLDs Copo and Dax on furlough to Houghton, which is about a half hour's drive north of the Baraga Correctional Facility. Chad, lead raiser for Dax, reminded us that the German Shepherd got car sick when others took him out. During a previous visit it was suggested they give him ginger snaps before traveling - ginger can ease motion sickness, even in dogs.

We loaded the puppies into airline crates in the back of the van and tossed Dax a few ginger snaps.

In Houghton, it was too early to check into our hotel, so we headed to Culver's for lunch. Opening the rear doors of the van revealed a distressing sight. Poor Dax had tossed his cookies; he was slimy with saliva. Another fine mess to clean up!

A young black lab is lying on cement on the left and a young german shepherd is lying on the right. Both are looking up to the right and wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana. The pups are leashed to a grey plastic picnic table.
FLDs Copo and Dax relax at an outside table at Culver's The two beautiful pups drew lots of attention. They were both calm when strangers walked by or even stopped to pet them. We spent some time inside as well.

After settling in at the hotel, and before dinner, Tammy decided we needed to take a walk. "There's a little park on the water, just a ways past the school," she said. Houghton is home to Michigan Technological University. I didn't mind taking a walk, but I was feeling a bit under the weather due to a nagging toothache that wouldn't get taken care of  until after this trip. "It isn't too far," Tammy assured me.

Off we went. It was a beautiful afternoon on the bike path that spanned the city on the southern shore of the Portage Lake canal.

"Are we close yet?" I asked Tammy as we left Michigan Tech's Minerals and Materials Engineering Building behind. "I think it's just beyond that curve," she answered.

We walked on, letting the puppies sniff and explore as long as they didn't pull on the leash. We paused at a playground so the boys could watch some children play. They were both curious, but polite.

"Are we there yet?" I asked after what seemed like a mile or so later. "I think it's just past those trees up ahead," Tammy said.

We walked on. A couple of people on jet skis in the lake came zooming by. FLD Dax stopped abruptly and watched them intently until they were long gone. Tammy allowed him time to observe and then we continued.

I felt like my toothache had migrated down to my feet. "Close?" I asked. "yep," Tammy said.

At last, we came upon the spot Tammy had promised. A few picnic tables were nestled among some trees near the shore. Dax wasn't sure of the water at first, but soon was leaping about like the puppy he is, in spite of his size.

The German Shepherd puppy is on leash in the water, jumping toward the camera and the black lab puppy which is at the bottem of the picture looking toward the german shepherd.
Splish, splash two puppies have fun in the water.

And I got to rest.

The young black lab is sitting in sand looking at the camera. His mouth is open his tongue is hanging out just a bit. His leash is hanging from his collar to the left.
FLD Copo, full of sand.

A head shot of the german shepherd who is looking up and over to the right. His ears are up in high alert and his mouth is slighly open.
FLD Dax poses for a portrait.

By the time we made it back to town, I was hungry and tired. I hope I wasn't too cranky. We stopped at the Pizza Works and ordered a "Mediterranean" to go, planning to eat it on a park bench down the street. The owner said, "I'll deliver it."

The german shepherd is lying down on the sidewalk, facing the camera. His head is tilted. He is wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana and has a leash coming off his collar to the left.
FLD Dax seems to be enjoying the rest as we wait for our pizza.

A view down a busy city street. There is a man on the left dressed in a green apron running toward the camera  carrying a red pizza box. There are several parked cars and other cars with their lights on driving on the street. There are brick buildings in the background.
Dusk settles in. The pizza man delivers as promised. I'm going to live!


  1. Wow, what an ordeal....yeah, just a little further to the park...way too funny. I am glad Dax went for a swim!