Wednesday, August 27, 2014


May 14, 2014

Due to circumstances beyond my control (otherwise known as "life") this blog has become woefully overdue. How can Labor Day weekend be on the horizon and I have yet to report on our May visits to the U.P.?

I need catchup.

According to the Catchup Advisory Board (a fictional sponsor of Garrison Keillor's radio show, Prairie Home Companion), "catchup" contains "natural mellowing agents" that "help you gain perspective on what's really important."
Keillor's show featured spoof ads from made up companies like the Catchup Advisory Board and Powdermilk Bisquits. According to the Prairie Home Companion website, "There are a number of ways to spell ketchup, including catsup and catchup, and the Catchup Advisory Board thought that catchup is closer to the way we actually say catsup than ketchup is."
I should go make me a pastie or something and cover it with catchup. Instead, how 'bout I catch up by letting my photos tell the story. After all, the story is what's important!


A man wearing a white t-shirt and blue prison pants is facing the camera holding two large bags of dogfood, one on each shoulder. He is stepping forward away from the two open side doors of the large white Leader Dogs for the Blind van. There is a small dog airline crate on the ground next to the front tire of the van ont he right side.
Eric muscles in two bags of Purina Pro Plan dog food from the Leader Dogs for the Blind. On each visit puppy counselor Tammy hauls hundreds of pounds of dog food from Leader Dog to the prisons. On this trip we also brought FLD Bandit to his new raiser team.

Two smiling bald men face the camera, each are wearing a white t-shirt, but the man on the right has an open blue shirt over the t-shirt. Just over the right shoulder of the man on the right is the small brown head of a chocolate lab puppy.
Kris and Justin can hardly contain their excitement as Tammy lifts FLD Bandit over their shoulders.

A closeup shot of the man on the right, wearing a white t-shirt with an open blue shirt over it. He now has his eyes closed and is looking down with a huge smile on his face. The chocolate lab is being held over his left shoulder on the right of the photo. The puppy is wide-eyed and looking toward the camera, but his tongue is licking the ear of the man. The puppy's left front paw is over the man's shoulder. A brown leash can just be seen behind the man, attached to the puppy's blue collar.
FLD Bandit tries to clean out Justin's ear.
The bald man in the white t-shirt is holding the chocolate lab puppy and facing away from the camera, and squatting down to have the puppy meet a large golden retriever that is sitting on the tile floor. A man wearing the prison blue and orange uniform is standing up and bending over to look at the puppy on the right side. Another man in the background between them is squatting down, only his face is visible. A fourth man is sitting in the background to the left, looking at the puppy. He is also wearing a white t-shirt.
Kris brings Bandit around to meet the other teams.

The bald man in the white t-shirt is sitting down facing the camera with the chocolate lab puppy in his lap. He is supporting the puppy with his right forearm and hand and holding a blue Future Leader Dog bandana with his left hand. The bandana has the name "Bandit" embroidered on it. There is a brown leash handing down from the puppy's collar. Behind the man is an ice maching on the right and a pile of milk crates on the left.
A very proud Kris shows off FLD Bandit and his personalized Future Leader Dog bandana.