Thursday, July 10, 2014

The rest of the journey...

April 11-12, 2014
NOT in the UP

Thus began the long ride back to Leader Dogs for the Blind for Nell, Zella and Tara. Here is the "rest of the story," as reported by Tammy, Leader Dog Puppy Counselor:
All the girls were great on their ride downstate. When I dropped Patti off...she helped park all the dogs. They willingly jumped back into the van ready for an adventure!
The girls were to stay at my house for the night and return to Leader Dog the following afternoon. As many of you know I have four dogs living in my house, so with the girls this would make seven! I do not have a large house, but do have a large yard for them all to run off some energy. I brought the girls in one-by-one to meet my crew and released them into the backyard for a free-for-all! Fun was had by all. By the way, Zella was in season (her second one since being placed in the prison setting.)
A slightly blurry shot of a fenced in back yard with seven dogs running around. The dog in the foreground facing left is a yellow lab, wearing panties because she is in heat. Close beyond her are two black labs running toward her. There seems to be a couple of posts in the background on the right where there are two more black labs and two golden way beyond them, running away from the camera.
Seven dogs romp in Tammy's yard.
There are five dogs sitting and one dog standing facing the camera. From left to right, a black lab sitting, a yellow lab standing, a black lab sitting, a golden retriever sitting, a black lab sitting, and a golden retriever sitting. There is a black lab's right paw just inside the frame on the far right side. The dogs are sitting on a wooden deck against a vinyl sided wall.
Seven dogs in a row: Ivan, Zella, Ruckus, Midas, Tara, Harper, and Nell. (Nell was sitting there so nicely but I only got her foot in the picture.) So then, everybody was put on a down stay but Miss Zella decided she had enough and decided to go explore.

Here is the final installment of our adventure. We arrived at Leader Dog around 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 12. Tara was the first to be returned. I took pictures of her by the German Shepherd statue outside the kennel entrance and then by the front desk.
On the left, a black lab, wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana sits next to a stature of a german shepherd, facing the camera. The dog statue is all black and the dog is in a sitting position. The lab's leash is looped around the statue's front leg. There is a brick wall below a window behind them.
FLD Tara posing in front of the Leader Dog kennel.
 In the in-take room she weighed in and checked out the toy box.
This shot is taken from above, looking down into a wooden box with about 14 large Nylabone dog toys in the bottom of it. A black lab's head is over the right edge of the box, the dog is standing on white tile.
"Is that all there is? Then I don't want one."

Next came Miss Nell. She had to say "hello" to the nice German Shepherd statue before posing for her picture.
In this shot of the german shepherd stature, the statue is on the left side and a black lab is sitting on the right with its leash wrapped around one of the statue's legs. The lab is leaning toward the statue and sniffing its muzzle. The lab is wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana.
Nell gives the statue a sniff.
Nell explored the intake room, weighed in, and looked in the toy box. She decided she didn't want to bring one back to the kennel with her, either.
A black lab is walking toward the camera with its tongue hanging out, its tail must be wagging becuase it is blurry! The dog is right of a couch that has a beige background and blue, maroon, orange, red and other colors of designs in the fabric. There is a yellow and blue plastric chair in the background beyond the couch. There is an off-white desk in the background mostly out of view on the right side. There seems to be someone standing by the desk, only the lower leg and foot is visible. The floor is a cream coloredtile.
Nell checks out the intake room.

 Finally, it was Miss Zella's turn.
A yellow lab is now sitting on the left side, next to the german sheperd statue. Her leash is also looped around the leg of the statue and she is wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana and looking at the camera.
Miss Zella poses by the statue.
The yellow lab is sitting on the left side in the picture, looking up to the camera on the tile floor. To the right is the wooden box, the lid of which is closed now and there are pictures of toys and a bandana on the top with the word "Toys" in red.
"Can I look?"
Zella made her selection and in true Golden fashion (she is a golden retriever/lab mix) had to parade around the room showing it to everybody. She even carried it almost all the way to the kennel.
A yellow lab is standing in a large commercial dog kennel, looking forward and to the right. She is standing on a blue karunda dog bed and there are a couple of toys on the floor to the left. There is a blue sign on the right top that says "Dog care only."
Miss Zella hangs out in her new kennel.

We wish Tara, Nell and Zella all the best in their new adventure!

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