Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Something good, something to work on

April 10, 2014

Puppy counselor Tammy starts our session by asking, "Tell us something good about your puppy and then what you've struggled with and need to work harder on."

Many of the team members said their puppies were quick learners, but there wasn't much talk about "my puppy sits so fast or comes whenever I call him." No. Instead, the guys eagerly shared how the puppies have improved morale. "Everybody smiles and says 'hi' to the pup," one said.

The men reported positive changes in themselves.

Problems? "They were the usual ones," Tammy said.

FLD Bear's raisers said that meet & greets, especially with women, were difficult for the young lab. We reminded the guys that emotions travel down the leash. Last month by the end of our meet & greet exercise, Bear stayed calm even when I approached him like an over excited stranger. "Perhaps you are getting too excited when women are around," I suggested. The room erupted with laughter.

FLD Copo's raisers said that other dogs are a hard-to-resist distraction. "Last month that was Axel's problem, remember?" Tammy said. We talk about proper puppy play and limiting interaction.

A yellow lab puppy is sitting on a brown carpet mat between the knees of a man who is squatting down behind him. The man is wearing an orange long sleeved t-shirt and blue prison pants with an orange stripe. He is touching the puppy's head with his left hand and his right arm is resting across his right knee. He is looking at the puppy. A second man is sitting on a stool attached to an octogon shaped table. He is also wearing the prison blue uniform. He is african american and is wearing glasses. HIs right forearm is resting on the table and he is reaching behind his left leg with his left hand.
A thoughtful Beno and Mondo with FLD Axel.
A closeup shot of a man bending over a black lab puppy. The lab is lying on a brown carpet mat. The man is cradling the lab's head in his hands and pulling the pup's face toward his. The puppy's eyes are closed. The man is wearing a dar blue fleece jacket and the prison blue pants with an orange stripe and white tennis shoes. The man is looking intently at the puppy.
Ricky and FLD Bear - can you feel the love?

The rest of our training session to pictures.



    1. Jess, you see? You have a sense of humor too! :)

  2. That is very true. Try going to a woman's prison as a man. Whew.