Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Furlough fun

April 10, 2014
en route to Chippewa

We have the rest of the day to get back east across the UP. Along the way we head straight onto E. Munising Ave in the town of Munising, instead of taking the sharp right turn that is a continuation of M-28. It is less than two miles to Munising Falls. Tammy thinks it is a good idea to take the golden boys, FLDs Drummond and Bravo, for a short hike. We are eager to stretch our legs, too.

The trail to the falls is snow covered, but packed down enough to walk on. Mostly.

A woman dressed all in blue wearing sunglasses appears to be kneeling on a snowcovered path with a golden retriever in front of her. There is a wooded fence along the path with trees in the background.
No, Tammy is NOT kneeling next to FLD Drummond. Her right leg sunk into the snow up to her knee!
The same woman is bracing her hands on the golden retriever as she struggles to pull her right leg out of the snow. She is blurry, but the dog is in good focus.
FLD Drummond holds still as Tammy extracts her leg.
A golden retriever is rolling in a snow bank, he has smashed his head into the snow. A brown leather leash is attached ot his collar.
FLD Bravo takes a snow bath.
Two golden retrievers stand in front of a wooden fence, their leashes are tied to the fend. They are facing each other but are looking at the camera. There is snow all around and in the background is a tall partly frozen waterfall, coming down from a limestone cliff. There are some small fir trees to the left and bare limbed hardwood trees to the right.
FLDs Bravo and Drummond strike a post at Munising Falls.
A cloer shot of the two goldens, who are now close together. One of them is sitting underneath the other one that is standing. The sitting golden has his eyes closed and looks like he is smiling. The dog that is standing is also smiling and is looking to the right. They are in front of the wooden fence, and all the rest is snow.
Silly Bravo can't get close enough to his buddy Drummond.

Tammy asks me to videotape FLD Drummond walking because she said the guys had some concerns about his gait. (We don't notice anything unusual.) The beauty-boy does a nice job of what we call "connected walking." He keeps a loose leash, yielding to gentle pressure, but is not expected to maintain a tight heel position at Tammy's left side. At one point a family carrying a small, yippy dog exits the trail onto the parking lot where we are shooting; Drummond is interested, but quickly refocuses. Good boy!



  1. What a winter of snow and more snow - poor Tammy sinking to her knees! Awesome video of connected walking! It's great that you two get to have some fun times and explore the area with the puppies!!

    1. I thought it was a great winter...of course, I've been called crazy more than once! Tammy packs so much stuff into every minute it's sometimes hard to keep up. But we both love spending time in our beautiful UP. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I am 100 percent sure that the pHOTO of Bravo must be the same scene from when I had him. He LOVES SNOW! IT WAS SO FUNNY WATCHING HIM "SNOW SWIM." SILLY BOY.

    1. Too funny! Actually, when I processed this photo I thought it was FLD Harper....he loved to snow swim too! But, then I realized, we had left Harper back in Chippewa, of course it had to have been Bravo!

  3. I am 100 percent sure that that photo of Bravo is the exact scene from when I had him. He LOVES the snow! It was so funny to watch him "snow swim."
    PS: I loved the winter too...we crazy ski people. LOL :)