Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The party is over...

March 6, 2014

When the party dust settled, puppies and people relaxed.

A golden retriever is sitting on the right side between the legs of a man wearing the prison blue pants and white t-shirt, sitting on a stool. The man's head is out of the picture. The dog is wearing a blue bandana. A man sitting on the left, only his knee and left arm is visible, is reaching over to pet the dog under his chin. The man has a tatoo on his forearm that says "forever love."
Time for a little lovin' on FLD Bravo.

Jess talked to the group about working with her guide dog Nala. 

Four men are sitting on stools in a row, with two golden retrivers and one yellow lab. Three of the men have the prison blue pants and white t-shirts, the man on the far right has a blue shirt. The first golden is sitting facing the right in front of the first two men. The second golden is lying down between the legs of the thrid man, who is reaching down to the dog. The yellow lab is standing past the last man. The second and fourth men are holding guide dog harnesses. The second man's harness is brown leather with a yellow "do not pet me I'm working" sign on the handle. The fourth man's harness is white with a yellow harness.
Jess passes her guide dog harness around for the guys to compare with a Leader Dogs for the Blind harness that her husband uses with his Leader Dog. Jess and her husband are both visually impaired.


The Future Leader Dog puppies still had more work to do with volunteers who helped take the pups out on furlough. We met for dinner at the Sundown Lounge in Pickford. If it weren't for the tails sticking out from under our chairs, no one would have known there were a dozen dogs under the table!

After dinner, we regrouped at the Pickford Fire Hall. Tammy led everyone in the relaxation protocol to start the evening training session. We played a few recall games and practiced meet & greets, loose leash walking with dog distractions, and stairs. 

Three women are standing and holding the leashes of three yellow labs. The woman on the left is dressed in a black with white markings on her shirt and blue jeans - a small yellow lab is sitting on her left side wearing a blue Future Leader Dog bandana, the pup is looking up at her and she is looking down at the pup. The woman in the middle is close to the far wall and is wearing a red and white plaid shirt and blue jeans, she has short curly hair. The yellow lab is sitting in front of her facing her and is wearing a blue Future Leader Dog vest. The woman on the right is wearing a green sweatshirt and blue jeans, she has short brown hair. The yellow lab she has is sitting a few feet in front of her facing her and is wearing a Future Leader Dog bandana. There is a black lab in the corner of the picture on the right side, looking up at someone out of view. The floor is wood, as are the walls. There is a blue and sliver ladder lying on its side behind the woman dressed in black on the left. There is a wood bench seat on the right side against the far wall with a blue jacket drapped on it.
Puppy raiser Kim (on the left) works the relaxation protocoal with her puppy, FLD Kayla, while furlough volunteers work with FLD Bravo (center), FLD Zella and FLD Nell (black lab on the right).

Jess and Nala made a short presentation and spoke about how important it was for her to have a dog that knew how to settle. During a job interview with a potential employer who was already "suspicious" of her ability to do the job, Jess said that a "non-settled dog would have made things worse."

A small german shepherd puppy is lying on a wood floor facing the camera. He is wearing a blue bandana with a white patch with red letters that say Future Leader Dog and a black paw print. The puppy's left ear is down and his right ear is up and leaning to the right over his head. He is looking right at the camera while licking his nose. A brown leash is attached to his collar.
A finally-settled FLD Dax mugs for the camera.

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