Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thank you anyway, Bandit

patti's half-way house
May 4, 2014

If Bandit had not cried at 3:25 a.m. to go out and park, I would have missed the most spectacular clear sky. (We've had cloud blankets for days.) The night is so dark here that stars are visible to the horizon, and they twinkled through the unbudded trees. Jupiter flanked a crescent moon to the west. Above and beyond, the milky way's density reminded me of my insignificance. And in the north? The glow of the Aurora Borealis obscured the stars.

I was tempted to drag my tripod and camera outside, inspite of the need for more sleep.

I should have. Sleep did not come for a while anyway.

Mr. Bandit, upon return to his snuggly warm crate, whined, croaked, screamed, yipped, yapped and yodeled long enough to make me wonder if he wasn't finished with his duty. When he paused to take a breath, I took him back outside. He did pee again, but no "big" park was forthcoming.

Back in the crate, the green-eyed monster kept at it for what seemed like at least an hour.

Looking into the door of a small airline plastic sided dog crate with the door open, a small chocolate lab is lying down facing the camera, his eyes looking up adorably. He is laying on a green "mut mat" and there are two puppy toys on the right side, one is a yellow soft nylabone, the one tucked in by his belly is a green and blue nylabone rattle-type toy.
All sweet and Mr. Innocent now.


  1. That cute face can wake me up any time to go park!

    1. I never mind getting up to park them, but I would like to limit the serenade afterwards! Besides, look what I would have missed.

  2. Jo here. SO reminds me of our first night with Kira. Screaming, whining, crying, wimpering, crapping all over. I remember at 4AM Al giving her a bath while I cleaned out the crate. I was like, "WHAT have we gotten ourselves into.........?" Puppies!

    1. Ha! At least I did not have the "crapping all over!" Oh dear...

  3. Again, I repeat...aaaaahhhhh puppy!