Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sneak preview: chocolate kisses

patti's half-way house
May 2, 2014

A sleepy-eyed chocolate lab puppy is being held in the arms of a woman wearing a blue polo shirts with Leader Dogs for the Blind logo above the left pocket. Only the woman's torso is visible and her left arm and hands. She has a brown leash slung over her left shoulder. The puppy is wearing a blue collar with a round silver tag with  Leader Dogs etched on the top and P-10676 underneath. The puppy has his left paw over the left hand of the woman.
FLD Bandit, upon his release from Leader Dogs for the Blind on May 2, 2014.

NAME: Bandit
BREED: Labrador Retriever
FUR: Chocolate
EYES: Adorable
WEIGHT: 11.2 pounds
CURRENT STATUS: Future Leader Dog in training
ASSIGNED LOCATION: Chippewa Correctional Faciltiy

The small chocolate lab is standing in front of a black statue of a german shepherd dog. The puppy is looking at the camera and the shot is taken from ground level. The puppy is wearing a blue bandana with a white patch with red letters that say Future Leader Dog and a black paw print. A windo and a half brick wall and glass door are in the background.
FLD Bandit poses with the statue in front of the Leader Dogs for the Blind kennel.

The small chocolate lab puppy is standing next to a silver dog bowl, he is looking to the camera with a surprised expression. His eyes are wide open and you can see the whtie of the eye on the left. Behind the puppy is a white x-pen. Next to the bowl is a yellow and teal colored dog toy.
Busted? Naw, it's okay Bandit, you can finish your dinner!

A big black lab is lying on a pine laminate floor under a brown wood kitchen table. His head is to the left of the frame and his head is up, but his eyes are slightly closed looking at the camera. A chocolate lab puppy is sprawled across his rear legs with his head hanging down on the floor in an awkward position.
Our gentle cc'd Gus is tolerant of the puppy who likely is missing his litter.
The small chocolate lab is lying acroos the back paws of a large black lab; both are on a pine laminate floor under a brown kitchen table and both of their heads are on the left side of the photo. The black lab is behind the puppy and his head is up and looking at the camera. The puppy has just lifted his head and his tongue is sticking out.
Gus doesn't seem to mind the little guy snuggling up to him under our table, but it doesn't appear that Bandit appreciates getting his picture taken.

A close up, floor level shot of the head of the chocolate lab, his chin resting on the floor and his eyes just about to close. Behind him, and out of focus, is the blocky head of the  big black lab.
Both boys settle back to sleep.


  1. Bandit has a very expressive face! Your timing with the camera is perfect!

    1. Thanks, Kim! The little guy is already stealing my heart.... :)