Monday, May 26, 2014

Losing status

March 7, 2014

My husband sometimes complains that he is a "non-person" when we are out and about with a Future Leader Dog puppy. Seems everyone in our county knew FLD Dutch. I was the "dog lady" on the other end of the leash and Andy was just "that guy" with me.

Even now, puppy-less, people look under our table on Sunday mornings when we are having breakfast in our local family restaurant. "No puppy?" they'll ask. So I understand when Ricky tells me that ever since having a black lab puppy around he has lost "status" in the prison.

"When I walk down the aisle," he says, "guys say ''s'up Bear?' They don't say 's'up Rick?' anymore."

A black lab puppy is lying half on a brown carpet square and half on a painted cement floor. He is facing away from the camer and lookng up at a man who is sitting on the right side of the photo. The man is bending over and looking at the puppy, his left forearm is resting on his left thigh. Two other men are sitting at a lunch table on the left and behind the puppy. All three are wearing the prison blue uniforms and looking at the puppy. The man on the left has his arms folded acrss his legs. The man behind has his right foot on the puppy's leash.
Ricky, Black and P share duties with FLD Bear.

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