Sunday, May 18, 2014

FLD Bandit goes to school

patti's half-way house
May 9, 2014

Mrs. Matthew's second-grade class loves to have Future Leader Dog puppies visit. They are well-educated on how to interact with working dogs, so they wait for permission to pet. If no permission is given, they might be disappointed, but they understand why.

FLD Bandit snuggles on my lap while I answer questions. Some students want to know how LD Dutch is doing in Pennsylvania (he is doing great). Others want to know why Bandit is going to prison. Many share stories about their own dogs.

A group of second graders are sitting on the floor facing away from the camera. A couple of them have their hands riased. A woman dressed in a maroon t-shjirt and blue jeans with glasses and short brown hair is sitting in a rocking chair facing the kids. On her lap is a small chocolate lab.
Mrs. Matthews takes a photo of her class and  FLD Bandit on my lap. I am holding a Nylabone for Bandit to chew - instead of my hands!

After a while the children back up along the edge of the round rug and I set FLD Bandit down. He shows off for them, demonstrating how he's learned SIT, DOWN and TOUCH. He is also learning "leave it." Because Bandit stays focused on me, the children are allowed to pass by, one-by-one and give him a pet. He hardly notices the attention. (The treat I hold in my hand is more interesting to him!)

When the students return to their desks, FLD Bandit and I take a seat by the door and hang out for a little while.

A cute little chocolate lab puppy is sitting facing the camera. He is wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana and a brown leash is attached to his collar. In the background are second-graders at their desks, the one boy dressed in a green sweatshrit has his hand raised.
FLD Bandit hangs out with the second-graders. They are learning math!

The small chocolate lab is reaching up with his left from paw while he is sitting by the second-graders. The kids are behind him at their tables.
FLD Bandit says, "I know the answer!"