Thursday, May 22, 2014

A puppy brings love

March 7, 2014

A snow covered road stratches off into the distance. Snow is falling which makes it difficult to see the trees that line each sied of the road. A car is approaching in the left lane.A reminder when counting on alarm-clock puppies: they surprise you. FLD Dax slept all night. Lucky for us, Tammy had set the real alarm. By 7 a.m. we were on the road from the Soo to Baraga. A clear and sunny drive to Munising was a treat, but soon after the usual snow slowed our progress. Even so, we had plenty of time to stop for lunch at our favorite cinnamon-roll place - the Hilltop Family Restaurant in L'anse.

A quiet trip across the UP was another surprise. "Dax became a really good car rider," Tammy said.

The usual committee welcomed us into the Baraga Correctional Facility administration building. Here the Dax we knew reappeared - he had lots to say. We did not dawdle.

A person's lower legs (dressed in blue jeans and brown boots) are on the right side of the photo, the person's right hand is reaching to a small german shepherd puppy who is sitting down on a brown tile floor next to the person's right leg. The puppy is looking up and trying to mouth the person's hand. The puppy is wearing a Future Leader Dog blue bandana and a brown leash is attached to his collar.
FLD Dax tastes a hand.

RUM Steve met us outside Unit 8. "Are we going to get a ticket?" I asked, pointing out the Leader Dogs for the Blind van parked askew in the snow.

"You can put that big white van anywhere you want," he said and escorted us inside.

The teams sat ready in formation in the east wing lunchroom. Chad stood alone with his back to the door. The room was filled with "awwwwwws" as Tammy lifted FLD Dax over his shoulder.

A man dressed in prison blue pants and t-shirt is facing the camera on the left side of the photo. Behind him a woman with short white hair dressed in a blue parka and blue jeans approaches with a small german shepherd puppy in her right arm, the leather leash hanging down. A man in a black jacket is also standing behind with a golden retriever on his left side. Eight other men dressed in prison blues are sitting at steel lunch tables on the right side.
Puppy counselor Tammy presents FLD Dax to his raiser while the teams look on.

There are no words necessary for what came next...

A head shot of a man burying his face into the soft furry face of a small german shepherd puppy that is being handed over the man's left shoulder. The man has his eyes closed and appears to be drinking in the moment. The man's left hand is reaching up to the puppy's collar. The man has a large sliver watch on his writ and tatoos on his forearm. One of the tatoos is the word "hate."

The man still has his eyes closed and he seems to be in deep thought. The puppy is pressing the side of his face against the man's face with his front pays gripping the man's left shoulder. The man is holding the puppy's head with his left hand.

The man still has his eyes closed, but he is squinting is face and pulling slightly away from the puppy. The puppy likely nibbled on his ear. The man is still holding the pup with his left hand, and now his right hand is reaching up to the puppy. A leather leash is attached to the puppy's collar and is drapped to the right behind him.

The man has now taken the puppy in both his arms and is holding the pup with both his hands on the pup's body. The puppy is facing the man's face which is partially obscured. The man's eyes are still closed. There are more tatoos on the man's right arm, one is the word "love," which seems to represent what is happening - hate to love!


  1. Wow! Those pictures really do say it all! There's nothing better than puppy love!

    1. For sure, Kim! (Thanks for stopping by!)