Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FLD Copo!

January 31, 2014

Maybe RUM Steve wanted the other inmates to see Copo too. Maybe he wanted to show the regular population what they could aspire to, if they towed the line. Maybe he just wanted us to bring Copo into the "training room" without Copo's raiser seeing him.
Whatever reason, we entered Unit 8 through the east entrance, paraded through the chow hall, down hallways past glass-walled offices, snaked around a crowded common room, squeezed through a warm, noisy laundry room, until finally we arrived at the west side chow hall where we had the room to ourselves for training. 
All puppy-raiser teams were there. Copo's raiser, standing tall, had his back to us. I scurried around him so I could capture the moment...

A tall man wearing a dark blue long sleeved shirt and a blue knit cap is facing the camera on the left side. He is smiling and his eyes are closed. To the right behind him is a shorter woman with short white hair and glasses, she is wearing a red fleece jacket. She is holding something behind the man's back out of view and is looking at it, it appears she is laughing. In the far background are two men standing, one is african american and is wearing a white t-shirt, the other man is bald and has sunglasses on the top of his head and is wearing a black jacket.
Copo's raiser is excited to meet his puppy. Puppy-counselor Tammy is about to make his day.

The tall man has his eyes open now and is still smiling. The woman behind him is lifting a small black lab puppy over his left shoulder. The puppy's right paw is on the man's shoulder.
It is a high lift for Tammy to bring Copo over his raiser's shoulder.

The small black lab puppy sniffs the cheek of his new raiser. The man is taking hold of the puppy's blue collar with his left hand and is looking at the puppy with a huge smile on his face.
Hello, Copo!

A close up shot of the man and the puppy. The puppy is looking sweetly at the camera and being held in the man's arms. The man's right hand is holding the puppy securely. The man is smiling and tooking at the puppy. The puppy's front paws are resting onthe man's upper chest.
There are no words for this...

Three men dressed in dark blue shirts are standing in a row against a steel wall. The man in the middle is the same one from the previous photos, he is holding the black lab puppy in his left arm and his right hand is holding the puppy's front paws. A brown leash is hanging down in front. The puppy and the man are looking right at the camera. The man on the left is looking to the right, he has a very short buzz cut and a slight beard on his chin. The man on thr right is also looking right, he is holding his hands together at the front of his body. He is smiling, but his mouth is closed. He also has a short buzz cut and some beard on his chin.
FLD Copo and his puppy raisers.



  1. OMG!!!!!! I have been waiting to see pics of my fiance meeting Copo!! What great shots!!!! I love the look on his face when he sees him! I don't envy the reach over his shoulders.... He is a very tall guy! I can't even tell you the love and warmth this little dog puts in my fiances heart!! Can't wait to keep following their journey!

    1. Thank you for your patience in waiting for these pics! And I'm not fooling!

  2. What great pictures. I can't believe how much Copo has grown since this day. Thanks for posting!

    1. Yes, they do grow fast! I still have another visit to write about...