Sunday, March 2, 2014

The morning after, part 3

January 10, 2014

patti plays puppy

It smells kind of funky in this room with all these tables. Still, beneath the antiseptic odor I catch a scent of stale bread and meatballs. Sniff, sniff, sniff...not much on the floor here except dust bunnies.

Oh, here's Ms. Deb. I like her, she talks dog. There's a bunch of other two-leggeds around too. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Are those treats I smell over there? I can't get over there because there's this leash attached to my neck. Maybe if I pull harder. Darn. I can't. Get. Over. There. Maybe Deb has treats. I think I can reach her.

Wait. What's that? There's a flat thing on the floor!

"YES!" Deb says. Hey, I know what that word means - I'm going to get a treat! Yay! Got any more? I'm still worried about that flat thing over there. I glance over at it and Deb says "YES!" Another treat! Yum, yum, yum.

I wonder what that flat thing is...maybe I should check it out. When I take a step Deb says "YES!" again and I get another treat. I like this game! Now I'm really interested in what that flat thing is, I'm going over there right now. "YES!" Yippee, another treat!

Hey, maybe I should put my paw on it. "YES!" Deb says again, but this time a treat appears right from the flat thing! What the heck? Maybe if I step on it with all my paws...YAHOO! I found the mother lode!

This might not be what a regular puppy is thinking when it learns "mat," but that's what I was thinking when Deb put me on the spot to be her demo-puppy. My acting got more than a few laughs from the Baraga raisers, hopefully our skit gave them some ideas about how to "mark" and reward behaviors while gradually raising criteria.

A man dressed in blue shirt and pants with orange stripes and white tennis shoes comes through a door toward the camera. He is looking down at a small yellow Lab puppy that he has on a brown leather leash.  The puppy is wearing a blue bandana with a white triangle patch with red letters that say Future Leader Dog and a black paw print.
FLD Axel and his raiser practice loose leash walking after coming in from "parking."

A small black lab puppy is sitting on a grey mat on the floor looking over his shoulder at a grooming brush. A man dressed in blue shirt and pants is kneeling on the right side and is brushing the puppy with his right hand.
FLD Bear is groomed by his raiser.
An african american man wearing glasses and blue shirt and pants with orange stripes and black shoes is bending over toward a small yelllow Lab puppy. The puppy is sitting on the floor looking up at the man, the puppy is wearing a blue bandana and is on a brown leather leash that the man is holding with his left hand.
FLD Axel and his raiser practice name recognition.

A man wearing a blue knit hat and blue shirt and pants with orange stripes is sitting on a chair looking down at a golden retriver laying on the floor under the chair and between the man's legs. The man is petting the dog under its chin with his left hand. The dog is looking up at the man.
FLD Harper shares the love.


  1. Awe! My fiancé just loved Harper! I got to hear all about his time with her. I was just able to get the picture the rums took of him and Copo! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Yes, Harper is a lovable pup! And keep watching, I have some great photos of FLD Copo's arrival!