Sunday, March 16, 2014

Honey works

After training
January 30, 2014

"I'm allergic," the woman explained, looking down over her shoulder at FLDs Kayla and Harper.

Kim and Judy and Tammy and I were being seated for dinner at the puppy-friendly Applebee's in the Soo after our training session at the Chippewa Correctional Facility. The woman wanted the puppies to be positioned on the opposite side of our table, furthest from where she had her back to us.

Unfortunately we had three pups, so at least one would still be behind her. She had not seen a sleepy little FLD Copo cradled in my arms. The busy restaurant was packed. The four of us looked at each other; we did not feel like getting into an educational scene about the importance of allowing access to puppies-in-training.

"Can you seat us somewhere else?" we asked the hostess.

The table in the far corner where we ended up was a squeeze, but being away from the action was actually a better choice for our tired puppies. I placed my coat on the floor between my chair and the wall. FLD Copo snuggled in for the duration. Harper and Kayla settled nicely in a heap under the table. We four gals shared stories, ate and laughed together.

As we finished, the allergic woman approached our table. "I just want to thank you for moving," she said. "Your dogs are soooo good!" she added as an afterthought, when none of the puppies stirred.

I remember the old days when smoking was prolific in public places, including restaurants. I have asthma, and allergies too, and although I often would have liked to ask someone to move away from me, I was timid, expecting to be ignored. Or worse.

This woman politely asked us to consider her condition and we acquiesced with no real consequence to us. Her subsequent gratitude and recognition of our well-behaved puppies was a pleasant surprise.

A small black lab puppy  is sitting on the right facing the camera. He is wearing a blue collar with a round tag. In the background an out of focus golden retriever is standing to the left  facing the camera also. His eyes are closed and his tongue is just sticking out a little. Behind him is someone kneeling down, you cannot see her face. She is wearing a blue sweatshirt and light grey sweat pants.
Who could resist this face? FLD Copo gazes at the camera in our hotel room. Behind him is FLD Harper and Tammy.


  1. "Honey" does go a long way sometimes. Knowing when to pick your battles is a delicate balancing act that I still haven't got the hang of. LOL So nice that she came back and said something. :)

    1. It was very nice that she came back to talk to us. Here's to honey!