Thursday, February 27, 2014

The morning after, part 1

January 10, 2014

After one night, smiles grew. One inmate cut his hair. This was the time for stories, questions and last minute advice before Deb and Tammy sprung FLDs Jedi and Harper and we headed south.


FLD Bear's team said that the black lab slept quietly all night. FLD Axel did not.

"He was up every two hours," one of Axel's handlers said. The vocal pup wouldn't settle down; other inmates were riled and wanted him to SHUT THE PUPPY UP. "So I got into the crate with him," he said. Axel's lead raiser added, "So we just shut the door on him."

RUM Steve piped up, "Who said our crates were too small?"

Last November, when Deb and Tammy and I toured the Baraga facility, Steve showed us a prototype crate that was constructed and installed in one of the living "pods." FLD Harper tried it out for size. We thought it might need to be a little bigger, especially if they raised a German Shepherd.

It appears we were wrong.

An older man dressed in a short-sleeved blue shirt with orange stripes on the shoulders and arms is holding a yellow lab puppy in his lap with both arms wrapped around it. His left elbow is resting on a shiny steel talbe. He has longish hair and a pair of glasses are up on the top of his head. He has a tattoo on the forearm of his right arm.
FLD Axel gets a big hug from one of his raisers.


  1. Now that is creative problem solving. LOL

  2. Puppies are not allowed on OUR beds, but nobody said anything about us getting onto their beds! That Puppy Raiser thinks outside the box ... or crate! LOL

    FLD Axel's sister, FLD Kayla, is also a very vocal puppy! She sleeps downstairs and I sleep upstairs, and every morning her kibble-clock goes off at 7:00 a.m. and if I don't get myself downstairs after a few polite "wake up please" barks, then she turns the barking up! Once that happens I have to wait for her to stop because I don't want to reward the barking. No sleeping in for this Puppy Raiser!

    1. Aw...7:00 is pretty good! Love the description of "kibble-clock."

  3. love the story.. good for the puppies and the handlers.
    good solving skills steve came up with for axel!

    1. I'll say! Thanks for reading. :)