Thursday, January 30, 2014

After Santa...

December 19, 2013

The puppies in Chippewa Correctional Facility were SO good...

How good were they?                    

They were so good that Santa Claus came early - and brought puppy gifts!

A man dressed in a white t-shirt and blue pants with an orange stripe on the leg is bending from left to right toward a black lab dog. He is trying to get the dog to back under a chair. Santa Claus is sitting on the chair.
FLD Nell needs a little coaxing by her raiser to slide "under" Santa's chair.

But after Santa, there was still training to be done. 

A yellow Lab is sitting in the foreground, facing away from the camera. She is looking at a young man wearing a white long sleeved shirt and blue pants. He is bending over with his elbows on his knees looking at her. There are a few men and dogs in the background.
FLD Bravo waits for the cue to "come."

 Practice recall. Add distractions.

A golden retriever is lying on a light brown tile floor facing to the left. He is wearing a light blue jacket. A man is squatting behind him, wearing a blue shirt and green pants. The man is lifting the dog's left rear foot and looking at it.
FLD Drummond gets his nails checked.

This golden retriever is also lying on the floor, but is facing the camera. A man dressed in a blue shirt and blue and orange pants is kneeling behind him and bending over looking at the dog's left rear foot, holding it with both hands.
FLD Bravo has his nails checked too!

Perform the "handler's exam." Check puppy paws and nails. Look in ears and smell them.  Lift lips and check  teeth. Eyes clear? Body weight lean?

Then puppy counselor Tammy gave the inmate raisers a task they couldn't resist:


A yellow lab wearing a blue jacket is facing left and is being hugged by a young man in a blue shirt with an orange stripe across the shoulders. He is smiling like a little boy. The photo has been "posterized."
FLD Zella gets a big hug!

A black lab is being hugged by an African American man wearing a blue shirt with an orange strip across the shoulders. The man has tattooes on his forearm and has corn rows in his hair. He is sitting on the floor with the dog and the dog looks like he is hugging back! In the background is the legs and arms of another man who is sitting on a stool
FLD Sammy seems like he is hugging back!

And after all of that, the puppies are sprung on furlough to attend a Pickford High School basketball game!

Five older puppies sit on the shiny green floor in front of the bleachers in a high school gym, with their handlers sitting on the bleachers behind them.
FLDs Drummond, Bravo, Sammy, Harper and Sadona sit along the sidelines. Sadona is being raised by Greg on the "outside."  FLD August is off to the left, not in the picture. Tammy is in the middle smiling at the camera.