Monday, December 30, 2013

What tired Bear out?

Note to self: If you want the puppy to sleep through the night...well, as much as possible through the night...don't let him sleep all evening.
A small black Lab puppy is curled up facing the camera. His head is resting on a knitted, cream colored afghan and a yellow Nylabone toy is lying nexxt to his chin.
How could I resist?

FLD Bear is a snuggle-monster, to quote another puppy-raiser, and I admit to falling prey. After a busy first day on Saturday, Mr. Sleepy Bear wasn't the only one tired. I was more than willing to slouch about on the living room floor with him to keep me warm.

I should have followed his lead and dozed, too. A squeaking and a-howling woke me at 12:30 am, 2:00 am, and 4:30 am. At least Bear slept a couple of hours more before finally getting up for good.

What tired Bear out? A trip to nearby Rose City.

FLD Bear had his fist visit to Rose Valley Winery, a place where FLD Dutch was known to frequent. We stopped by my friends, the Downings. Two weeks ago they had taken Leader Dog mom Amber's litter of nine black puppies back to Rochester Hills. (The golden/lab mix puppies are now with their puppy-raisers.) And then Bear had his first grocery experience at Family Fare, where he was the hit of the day.

FLD Bear bounced around on the shiny floor in the produce section while I put lettuce, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers in my cart. I opted to carry him the rest of the way; I had a short list. One lady stopped me and said, "I think you must be having trouble shopping with your arms full. Would you like me to hold him while you finish?" I politely declined, although Bear tolerated quite a bit of ooohhhing and ahhhing without taste-testing her petting hand.

Sunday morning, after that long night of little sleep, FLD Bear made an appearance at the Rose City Cafe'. The waitresses and cooks stopped in their tracks to come to our table to greet him. By the time we finished eating, Bear had curled up in a ball under the table. All the regulars fell in love with him and wished him well in "prison."

Later that evening, when Bear was snuggled up in his bed, I woke him up. He didn't seem to mind the opportunity to earn more bits of kibble by learning his name. And my cc'd Gus did his best to tolerate Bear playing with his tail.

The rear end of a full-sized black Lab is to the left in the picture. A seven-week-old black lab puppy is behind the older dog, with it's right front paw lifted toward the dog.
Bear tries to get Gus's tail.

The large black lab is lying down next to a green couch on the right side of the picture, facing away from the camers. The puppy has a hold of his tail, and is giving it a good yank. He is in the foreground of the picture. They are on a multi-colored round rug. You can just see a red kong behind the puppy'es back leg. An older brown brindled dog is lying on the couch.
He succeeds! Gus is a real champ. Gypsy is on the couch to the right, trying to ignore the youngster. A German Shorthaired Pointer is collapsed on the other couch.

Last night, Bear woke me up at 4:00 am, and went back to sleep until after 6:00 am.

My strategy worked!

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