Saturday, December 28, 2013

Welcome FLD Bear!

Pick up day, December 27, 2013. I am the lucky one to home FLD Bear until he heads up to his official raiser in the Baraga Correctional Facility in January. (Yep, I get the middle-of-the-night parking duty!)

A woman with dark, short hair is holding a small black lab puppy in front of her. She is wearing a pink shirt under a blue vest.
FLD Bear! The hand-off at Leader Dogs for the Blind.
A small black lab puppy is licking the cheek of a woman wearing glasses, with dark, short hair. She is smiling with her eyes closed. She is wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt with a blue vest.

Bear gives me a lick, and my husband, Andy, too.

Do you think Bear is going to like beards?

Of course, we had to take the usual picture of Bear next to the statue in front of the Leader Dog kennel building!
The woman with glasses and short dark hair is kneeling next to a black statue of a German Shepherd dog. She is holding a small black lab puppy in her arms.
There was so much salt on the ground I didn't want to put little Bear down. He seemed perfectly happy to stay snuggled in my arms!

A close up shot of the face of a six week old black lab puppy who is sleeping against a brown sweatshrit. His silver Leader Dog puppy tag hangs from his collar.
Sleeping on the way north.
A black lab puppy is facing the camera on his back legs, in mid-jump. His front paws are in the air. Behind him is a white x-pen section which keeps him safe in our laminate-floored kitchen. A grey mat is on the floor in front of him.
FLD Bear likes to play!
A very small and very cute black lab puppy is sitting on a laminate floor that looks like pine wood, facing the camera. In the distance to the left side is the edge of a silver water bowl. The puppy  has a slight tilt to his head, like he is flirting.
What a cutie-patootie! We're working on Bear learning his name. He sure likes to "sit" for attention!
A low-level picture of a small black lab puppy standing toward the camera. The background wall is knotty pine, and the laminate floor looks like pine too. The puppy's head is level with his body and his expression is endearing.
He is such a little guy!

So far, FLD Bear has been a real gem. When cc'd Gus greeted him, Bear thought he was back with his mommy and went right after his belly. Gus leapt up and away. I'm not your mommy!

Gypsy has been giving Bear a wide berth.

First night report: Last "park" at 11:00 pm, a little squawk at 3:38 am. Outside for a quick park and back to bed until Andy got up about 6:00 am. 

Play, park, sleep. Park, eat, park, play, sleep. Ah, the life of a puppy!


  1. Play, Park,Very Little Sleep that is the life of a PUPPY RAISER!! LOL.

    1. Hahahahahaha! That's great! And so true, at least in the beginning.